Integrate archive support into Nextcloud


it would be quite useful to open archives (zip, rar, 7z, tar.* and so on) within the Nextcloud web interface. Currently, one has to download files to the local desktop to open it with an installed desktop application. This is especially problematic if one has to download a big archive to retrieve files from it.

Another useful feature aside from opening archives would be the ability to modify archives (add files, delete files and so on) within the web interface.


Creating zip would be nice as well. You could select a couple of files zip them and share them, all from the web interface.

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Users can already download a zip file through the download UI, so we’re mostly there with that last feature.

What alfred mentions could be like some filemanagers do it - treat zip files as a simple folder and enter it on clicking. Would be nice, yes!

This feature was available in older Owncloud versions ranging from 3-6 (?), but then it was thrown out. As I said, it would be very handy to have this feature available, especially in the files app.

The ability to select files and download them in a zip archive exists already, so this feature is already there.

@alfred I was talking about selecting the files and zipping them on the server, this would be idea for sharing multiple files as one. Currently to achieve this you would have to download and upload the zip again.

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Had the same idea just now, when reading Ask before download (feature request)

I second this idea!

I think this woule be a very usefull workflow for Nextcloud Flow. You tag an folder with Archiv and the folder will be moved somewhere (to an archiv user or grouped folder) the benefit compare to an zip file would be that also other stuff like labels, … could be saved.