Ask before download (feature request)

Just wanted to throw in a feature request. If possible, please make a trigger of some sort or official app to ask question before downloading the file (something like Google Drive).

It’s really a painful sometimes to see a document and “think” that it will be opened if you click on it. But instead it downloads it.

same goes for zip or other archives, it will start downloading them as Nextcloud doesn’t have a functionality to see what’s inside the archive.

It could be cool to see something like a splashscreen when you click on the file instead of downloading it right away.


I would find that super annoying. You can configure you browser to ask where files should be stored on download, then you can see that a file would be downloaded and click abort.

Firefox open Settings (it’s on the first page) > "Always ask me where to save files"
Chrome its in Settings > bottom: Advanced settings > “Ask where to save each file before downloading”

Well, maybe, but I think the behavior of “clicking” on the file should be consistent e.g. you click on the folder, it opens; you click on the text file, it opens the file in the editor; you click on the picture, it opens the picture viewer.

but, you click on 3gp video, or video that’s not supported by video player, you click on office document or you click on zip file — it goes straight to download. You may become a “pirate” after that because I always think “Arrrrgghhh” when I accidentally click on a file that in my mind supposed to be opened online or, at least, give you a warning that it’s going to download.

What you are suggesting is a workaround, I know I can do that, but it’s a default chrome’s and ff’s features as well as many other browsers.

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