Instant Upload no longer works

Honestly I think autoupload should be used sparingly at the moment. The new implementation isn’t far away and works substantially better. Until 2-way sync comes along it’s not going to be easy to tell what’s uploaded and what isn’t meaning should you delete files or reset your phone you may lose those not backed up.

I haven’t had any problems on the stable recently, but I know it isn’t perfect.


I’d love 2 way sync on Android. I kinda don’t expect that to happen for a long time though… Have you heard otherwise?

@mario rewrote the autoupload implementation whilst eating a croissant during a TV commercial*, I’m sure 2-way sync won’t be far behind.

*He did not. But it was quick.

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haha, that sounds promising… I hope he also had a cup of decent brewed coffee to go down with that croissant :smile: . So far since I posted last night about allowing Nextcloud to sit in the background, upload has been great. But just two questions actually; 1) If Nextcloud somehow missed the pictures in the camera folder for auto upload. If it managed to upload the new images when I take another picture… would it compare to the Nextcloud server and check if old pictures havent been uploaded and will perform the task? 2) The log I have uploaded with some errors in it, can you tell me more about them?


Generally if NC misses them due to things like App termination or otherwise the missed files will be sat in the Uploads screen showing under failed. I’ve not had a situation as yet where it absolutely doesn’t even register a photo being taken, but aggressive system management on my Alcatel seems to shut the app down indiscriminately at any point, leaving uploads in a failed state until I retry.


Hi Jason,

I just checked the link and it is working on my side. I am using my mobile network on my Huawei P9 so it is outside the network. Not sure why it is not working your side. Would you please send me your email address so I can actually send you the whole log?



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