Installing NextCloud on Nvidia Orin Dev Kit (Arm64)?

Hello everyone,

I see that there’s pretty decent support for installing NextCloud on Rasp. Pi (& Pi clones), but I was wondering if anyone had installed NextCloud on an Nvidia SBC like the Nvdia Orin Nano (dev kit) - it’d be nice to use the Orin Nano’s gpu to run things like the new Nextcloud built-in LLM…
But, that means needing a certain level of hardware support for Nvidia boards, which I can’t really find much documentation on…

So before I buy the Nvidia Orin, has anybody tried this combo before? How does it work for you??

Thanks all!

For the moment, it seems to require a x86-cpu:

There is a bit of experience with ARM devices, mainly with the NextcloudPi project, they have an overview of supported current devices: What modern hardware do you recommend for NextcloudPi? and you’ll probably find a few more with some experience performance-wise for the general Nextcloud usage.

If you start with something new, I’d rather take a look with existing hardware first to get a closer look if that something you’d like to continue.

Thank you very much for the info!