Informing users when document added or changed in a shared folder/file

As the title suggests -
What configuration is needed - to inform team members a document has been added/changed in a folder?
Thank you

Every user could mark the shared folder as “favorite” and activate the mail and/or push notification in activities app.

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Thank you @swindhab
Looks easy enough

Did you mean - under the user name at the top right corner, under settings, in the left column - where it says Personal > Activities
I am asking because in the activity app I could not find a place to activate the mail or push notification.
The only thing was RSS feed
Thank you

Yes. The first point is “a favorite file or folder has changed” and you can choose mail or push for notification.

And after that click the 3dot-menu right to the folder name in file app and choose “add to favorites”.

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Hi @swindhab

how/where did you get that entry “a favorite file or folder has been changed”

on my side I’m not able to see that first option see my topic.
Is there any settings to do, to get this options ?

thanks for your help !