Improve file upload to Nextcloud without mobile app

Hi folks,

my question is how to share files with people that do not use Owncloud/Nextcloud. Lets imagine you have been to a party and your friends took some photos. The day after you want to share these photos. I am pretty sure that most of them will simply send you these photos over Whatsapp.

I do not like getting photos over Whatsapp for several reasons, but for now it is very complicated to upload multiple files to a public share over mobile browser. They have to open the public share link that I have sent them in a messaging app. In the browser they have to upload every single file separately. Too much effort for many files (in my case photos)…

How could this be done better? Folder upload is not supported in all browsers, but isn’t is possible to allow multi file upload in browser?


I’ve seen multi-file upload in other webapps, so it should be possible, at least on some specific setups. If that’s addressed, then it seems like all you’d need to do would be to create a public link to a folder, probably with a password, and make it a file drop folder with the contents visible.

That way, you just let people know the password, and share the public link. Then they can all go there, see the files inside and upload their own.

have you tried to select more than one file? e.g. hold a selection till you come to the selection mode. I don’t know whether this works but maybe it does.

Don’t forget that some solutions rely on Flash…

Yes, some do, but then others don’t seem to. I don’t have flash installed on my current browser, but Dropzone still seems to work for multi-file upload on it. I’ve heard that iOS devices (Safari?) though may have some restrictions that prevent multi-file upload no matter what solution you try.

I tried. There was not selection mode.

It was even hard to identify which files I have uploaded already. Imagine me doing the required steps and clicks all over again, ending up in the file chooser trying to guess which file I hit one iteration before…not an easy task :slight_smile:

Using the public drop folder feature, I tapped the “select or drop files” then tapped and held to select multiple files to upload. It uploaded fine.


What is “public drop folder feature”? Is it used in browsers or native app?

In the browser. You can set it when you create a new share:

Have you ever tryed to drag and drop your files in your nextcloud?
Simple open the browser, navigate to the desired destination folder and drag all you desired files in there.
Works like a charm with firefox and chrome(ium).

This is fine for desktop. But on mobile, you normally share your public link over messenger. Mostly people do not have installed a nextcloud client. So uploading multiple files from browser is a hard job.

And I do not have this upload button as JasonBayton suggests.

Sorry. I did not recognised that a smartphone is the problem here. Now it gets complicated.

Next Cloud web interface has no problem uploading multiple files, at least on the desktop.

So i tried it on my smartphone with the browser. (HTC m8s, with chrome). When i press on “upload files”, android gives me 3 apps that could handle the upload intent: documents, camera, video recorder.
I went with documents. When i long press on a file, this app goes in a multiple select mode. So that i could select multiple files to “open” (upload). Mission accomplished.

Your mileage may vary. Neither Next Cloud, nor the browser can handle the file selection screen on android. So it’s up to the apps installed on the phone if you can upload multiple files via browser and how you can do this. At least with android.

Really interesting. With the latest update of android app, the public file drop feature is available mobile. I have tested several content provider for the upload. None of them offered me something like multiple selection mode. I am running Android 6.0.1 on CM13. Well, I guess no chance for me.

My inital thought was to implement an own file chooser on browser side that could allow multi selection for everyone…but as said just an idea :smiley:

Almost a year old here, but I’ve only just installed and started playing around with Nextcloud after upgrading from a rather old Owncloud installation on my NAS.

This is shared file drop is a great feature and an easy way for friends to share all their pics of my event without having to through third party social sites like FB, Instagram etc, but the multiple upload just doesn’t work for me. At least not using Chrome on Android - haven’t tried iOS.

I get the option to select upload via Camera, Camcorder, Complete action or Documents. If I select Documents, I can multiple select files, but only one is actually uploaded.

Has anyone looked further into this issue… I can’t seem to find anything else other than what’s in this thread.

Can’t replicate it here, files upload whether 1 or 20 when I choose them.
Any log output?

Well that’s somewhat reassuring that’s its just me (or my environment) and not Nextcloud :slight_smile:

Any hints as to where to look at additional log files? The logging on the admin page doesn’t show anything just gives me pages of:

Comments starting with ‘#’ are deprecated in Unknown on line 1 at Unknown#0

With the occassional

Automatically populating $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. To avoid this warning set ‘always_populate_raw_post_data’ to ‘-1’ in php.ini and use the php://input stream instead. at Unknown#0

Neither of which are timestamped to correlate with when I attempt to upload files.

It does look like my PHP config may need some work though, with the following warnings being shown. Unsure if these are related.

No memory cache has been configured. To enhance your performance please configure a memcache if available. Further information can be found in our documentation.
The PHP OPcache is not properly configured. For better performance we recommend to use following settings in the php.ini:

I can lead you to a guide for debian/ubuntu, but nothing pre-made for a.n.other NAS system :slight_smile:


It’s installed on a QNAP NAS. I can find the log files, but would be handy to know where I might expect to find any additional log files. Apache log file only shows a request for a missing favicon file.

I wouldn’t have thought a misconfigured opcache would make a difference? Not sure about memcache though.

It’s probably also worth noting that multiple uploads do work on desktop - both dragging and dropping multiple files, and also browsing and selecting multiple files. With one small observation that when uploading multiples, the “busy” animation for all but the last file continues to spin even once the upload is complete. The last file’s busy icon turns into its file type icon once uploaded.

I noticed that too. @jan not sure if that’s a design issue or otherwise?

No, caching likely won’t be causing this, though it won’t help you not having a best-practise setup. I

I’d have hoped the apache logs would’ve stated something actually. but the nextcloud log is situated within the data folder too. No immediate answer from me here. @tflidd ideas?

I recall the same warning with the cache setup when I was using Owncloud, and after a bit f messing around put it into the too hard basket. The idea of switching to a NAS over a linux PC was to try and reduce administration … but with NAS customisation comes more obscure administration :confused:

So I passed the link onto some friends with iPhones, and the multiple upload seems to work properly for them using Safari, so either something Chrome or Android related.