Ignoring a Directory

Hello all,

I was wondering if I could get more information on how to use the Ignored Files Editor in my (Windows) Nextcloud client.

For example, I don’t want S:\Programs\ and all its children to be synchronised from my client to my server, while the rest of S:\ is synced. What would I enter in the Ignored Files Editor to achieve this result?

I’ve looked in the manual, done a bit of googling, and searched this forum, but I’m either not good enough at reading, or what I want to do is so basic that it’s hard to search for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

That is a misunderstanding.

“Ignored Files” is supposed to be used for e.g. to prevent uploading Thumb.db files (on windows).

Your use case could not be solved AFIAK.

An update: the desired effect was achieved by adding the following line to the ignore list:


This will also ignore other directories like


I’ll do some more experimenting and see if adding a leading slash makes a difference

Did this work out for you?

I have a similar case. I want to ignore all my build directories with the name target no matter where they are in my main sync folder.
Just adding target to the ignored files thingy did work under Linux.

Maybe you have to use wildcards if the program compares the full path, *target* could work.

I can try, thank you!