Ignore everything in folder except specific file

I’d like to add a very large directory into my
local nextCloud share folder but only sync 1 specific file and ignore
everything else (all other files & subfolders recursively).

Is there some pattern which can do this?
I was thinking about something like sync/chrome/!(Bookmarks) to ignore everything in the directory sync/chrome except the file sync/chrome/Bookmarks.

The use case is that I’d like to put my complete Chrome profile into the nextCloud share but only sync the bookmarks file…

Is this already possible? If not, I’d like to add this somewhere as a feature request… Where would be the best place for such a request?

Can you not create a separate directory and symlink the bookmark file into it?

Sadly sym links are not synced on all OS by the client.

Also Chrome won’t update the bookmarks if the Bookmarks file in the profile folder is a symlink instead of the “actual file” … Already tried this…

Hmm didn’t know that - I suppose you could do it with rsync instead and have a script watch for the change in file, like this:


I have clients in both, windows & linux … Therefore rsync and some watch bash scripts are not an option …

Can’t you add a specific sync-point for the Bookmarks-folder only?
It’s in the client main window called “Add folder sync connection”. You can sync server folders to different specific locations in your local file system.

Bookmarks is a file, not a folder…

It sounds like this request: Github/Seafile like .ignore file