Github/Seafile like .ignore file


is there way to put a Github/Seafile like .ignore file in your directory to have a synced ignore list? (Something like this: )

It would be quite useful, because it would firstly sync your ignore list of this directory between the different clients you are using. And secondly (the reason why you would even use ignore files) to better sync some latex, c, rust,… files where you have some temporary compile trash, which doesn’t need to be synced is quite often changed.



Can’t you do that with the desktop sync client?

You can do something simular.
You can add one exeption at once at the client and these exeptions are not synchronized between different clients.

The biggest problem is that these are not synchronized between the different clients.

So i need to make every change at every client every time?

But thanks for your answer, just hoped there was a better solution.

That would be a nice improvement.

I’m desperately waiting for a feature like this.
I use a VSCode project inside Nextcloud and don’t want it to sync certain files.
Due to VSCodes folder structure it is required to ignore a folder, but unignore certain files inside the folder.
Moreover, it’s rather annoying that ignored files are unique to client installations. You have to explicitly add them on every installed windows client…

This would be extremely useful. The per-client ignore list isn’t suited for ignoring individual directories, and syncing between clients would be very useful too.