I wrote some automated tests with Python Selenium for Nextcloud


Author of NextCloudPi here

I have written some tests that I would like to share with the devs in case you find them interesting.

You can find them here

Nothing very fancy now, but I plan on continue writing more tests as users report me bugs, like this one

I think it would be nice if we shared things like this. If somebody expands this test or has other tests suites like this one, please let me know!

Actually it would be really great if we extended this through PRs. We could maybe end up having a good collection and test for regressions of bugs found on NextCloudPi + x86 version, VM and whatnot.

To my knowledge I don’t know if there is already such a thing. In that case, let me know!


nachoparker :wink:

I think there are tests written in ruby using cucumber, capybara and gherkin. Check the repos :slight_smile:


I browsed this

, but only found php unit tests… are they in another repo?

btw… love the news app!!! <3

Hm, good question @MorrisJobke @LukasReschke where did the acceptance testing move to?

To tests/acceptance - https://github.com/nextcloud/server/tree/master/tests/acceptance :wink:

Oh cool, and migrated from Ruby to PHP

thanks, I did not know behat… it looks awesome! similar to cucumber in the way it works