Appliances people.. let's join forces!

@nextcloud/vm, @enoch85, docker people, snaps …


I would like to propose something. Maybe we would benefit by helping each other with our respective projects. Maybe there is a common place where we can share stuff that benefits each one of us instead of replicating everything over and over again.

For example, I would like to share some little tests that I am starting to write for NextCloudPi

It would be great if that is useful for you guys and even greater if you guys extend it and contribute back, maybe we can move it to a centralized place and put it together with whatever you already have ( I have seen that the snap repo has some RSpec tests… )

Also, @enoch85 kindly suggested some improvements for NCP on my blog (they’re on my list!). I appreciate that. In that sense, I would like to recommend something back. I put together a WAF (web application firewall) configuration for Nextcloud with modsecurity. I really like it because I think it is really secure.

I use it everyday and it works well for me, but I have not tried every 3rd party app and most certainly modsecurity will break some of them. I would like to ask you guys to try it out and implement it, and if you find tweakings to further improve the ruleset please let me know and we can include them.

There’s probably much more that we can brainstorm about together.

If you gentlemen are up to it, share your points of view! Or at least, if you guys do something that you think would be useful for the other appliaces please let the rest of us know in the forums

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