I still don't see upgrade to NC23x (am on NC22)

I do not even see the upgrade to Nextcloud 23 yet so I take it Nextcloud 23 is also still in Beta, now another beta release?

Must we skip the upgrade to 23 and upgrade to version 24 when released?

up to now you can’t skip any majorversion. I doubt that this will change somehow.

I suggest to check if your server would meet all requirements for NC23

I am unsure how to check what is missing since my server is already on PHP8 with the latest MariaDB and all software is up to date. What am I missing?

Then it is interesting on why you dont see 23 yet.

If you got to Settings and overview. Does it say anything there? except not showing the 23 release

I have been running 22 for a while now. At the very moment I see the update to 22.2.6 which appeared in the last week and have not yet updated.

My Update Channel is Stable and only see the current update. But, 23 has been released long ago so as explained, it should have showed already. I can check again after I do the update to 22.2.6 but somewhere is a problem that keeps me form seeing 23.

Any ideas?

I am in the same issue of Mr_JB. I have my nextcloud at the last 22 version, using the stable channel, but I dont see the upgrade to the 23 version.

please do that first

then we could concentrate on why you don’t see NC23. Maybe you’d need to do the upgradeprocess manually… which isn’t really difficult.

As for 23 - it could have happened that you really didn’t see it, yet because there has been some problems reported for either update or version at all. 23.0.3. should be available, though by now.

I’m also finding myself in the same situation, I just see the new upgrade to 22.2.6 , no upgrade to 23 is showing up (actually I have been waiting for it since a long time but I couldn’t understand).

I’m available to provide any information about my installation, in case it might be helpful for you.
Thank you!

Yes. And why do you not install this upgrade?

Thank you for all the suggestions. I will male time to install the latest 22.2.6 update and check again if the 23 version appears. I will keep you updated.

If you get no upgrade you can go to “beta channel”, reload, make update and go back to “stable channel”. On one of my Nextclouds (Managed Nextcloud) i am still on Nextcloud 22.2.6 because the hoster has not yet released Nextcloud 23. But the delay is normal there. On that server i do not change to “beta” but it would be possible.

Because the upgrade is new and I didn´t have the chance to install it yet.
Until some days ago there were no 22.x upgrades to install and still no mention to a 23 upgrade.
I will upgrade tonight and see if the 23 upgrade will show up.
Thank you!

Do you have a Managed Nextcloud or have you installed Nextcloud on your own server?

I didn’t see NC23 until I updated to 22.2.6. Then 23.0.3 was offered immediately.
(Debian 10, PHP 7.4).

I’m biding my time before accepting the offer. I’d like to see more reports of stability first. When it comes to databases I shed my natural bleeding-edge tendencies

It would be good if we had the choice between the two (as in Ubuntu LTS & non-LTS versions).

It is installed on my own server. Will try the update to 22.2.6 and see if 23 appears. Thanks for the information.

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I think many have not understood the releases of Ubuntu. Even for desktop users, the LTS releases would probably be better. Windows has also held on to Windows XP for 15 years (!!!) and not changed the release after 6 months. I think 2 years are ok also for a desktop environment. And for server longer times would be better. And yes, Nextcloud releases every 6 months is bad, too. I think this is the agile world. Software is tested at the user and must always be super up-to-date with all new IT-features around the world. And bugs are not fixed, but also updated. To be more agil perhaps Nextcloud can change to a rolling release like Debian Testing/Sid. :wink:

I would be happy if there was only a new release of Nextcloud every 9 or 12 months. Then maybe many users would not have hopelessly outdated releases after already 2 or 3 years when they dist-upgrade their Debian/Ubuntu release. Nextcloud requires far more attention than the underlying operating system.

The 23.0.2 was shown on my instance after doing the Update to 22.2.6

self-hosted install here

this is great news, I’ll update as soon as possible

Self-hosted server, with ubuntu 20 and nextcloud at the last 22 version (22.2.6), still don’t see upgrade to 23. In other hand, for the 23 version, I understand that I must upgrade my php version to php 8.0?

Thank you