I installed the nextcloud windows client. But I didnt get a virtual drive

My title explains all. I am running win10 pro. I have dokan installed already.

What virtual drive, did I miss something?
Nothing in the change logs either…

I think he’s talking about the old project of virtual drive brought by Nextcloud Client. But this project is dead, I think…

Yeah unfortunately dead project. However one can mount a webdav share as a network drive in windows without problems, which does the same imo

Yes, the development of the desktop client was a bit behind, they just caught up with the E2E encryption. Recently, they have a few new contributors, they are still looking for new staff, so hopefully they catch up with all the announcement and push the client forward.

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I found it here

You can post here : Nextcloud introduces Virtual Drive in Desktop Client to simplify desktop integration
It’s the related post :wink: