Nextcloud introduces Virtual Drive in Desktop Client to simplify desktop integration

Webdav in windows don’t work well. You have a lot of issues like :
Slow performances (bandwidth really slow)
Problems with office files. You won’t open this files in write mode if you have Office after 2010

You can avoid that with using paid Mountain Duck for exemple.

The Nextcloud Virtual Drive works like the Google File Stream.
You have a folder where you can see all you 10TB of Nextcloud files without having them on your PC. You can sync some folders if you want to like the normal Nextcloud sync client for desktop. If you loose internet connection you can still go in the folder and you will access only the files you already synced.

So it’s identical with the old way over netdrive etc. i mentioned.

So it’s “just” a simpler and netcloud-specific solution.

// i don’t want talk down the challenges and work, it’s not to underestimate. Just steamed down to one sentence.

Thanks for clarification.

That breaks pretty much every app that requires a simple directory structure synced locally.

@alfred , sure that’s why i stated as third way, the lesser nice solution. But there are other pros and cons. Nobody negoates or doubts this. therefore also in italics.

The point was the “new” solution does exactly the same as the old ones. (the points in bold). It’s the same in a simpler manner.

As a first glance yes Dokan does the first point.
But after it’s another world :earth_americas:.
And for free the NC virtual drive client will give users nice feature and will compete with the Gdrive File Stream client.

now it’s getting interesting. Why it’s another world?

What makes development new or different / better?
The old netdrive is also for free.

//That’s the interesting points i asked for.

And what does that have to do with the American continent (Icon)? :wink:

What do you call Netdrive is it a software of just a network drive letter as Y: ?

as i stated before.

Netdrive is a small piece of software (till 1.3.4 Freeware). I call the network drive a network drive.

Netdrive don’t do local syncing. When you lost internet connection you can access files

Dokan doesn’t either. So where’s the point?

With this logic in mind: i could also just mount the folder with "subst %DRIVELETTER% %PATHTOFOLDER% ". And now i have a Drive with synced files. That cannot be the point. This has nothing to do with the mapping of a network drive.

And i said before, i don’t want to make the solution bad (nice and easy needs to be) , i ask for the announced advantages over the existing ones with the new solution.

I tested it and yes it does

what’s the current state of this very interesting project, esp. on Mac and Linux?
Didn’t find any news after the first announcement and only see discussion here until April.
Would be sad to see this project being abandoned, was there any decision on its future?


I saw someone commenting that :
They finally « stole » the Owncloud implementation of the Virtual Drive. A fork has been made.

Helas i can’t confirm that.
You should go into the github of the nexcloud/desktop repository and look into the virtual drive branch.

Does anyone knows anything on this project?
I desperately tried to follow every thread here and on github, but no real official statement on that in 2 years (!).
It has been commented to death on the nextcloud forums and addressed multiple time on github with users proposing to pay for that development.
But except of tons of recommandations and suppositions by various users, no real ETA or official statement has been made since that ominous annoucement.
Fact is that after two years since the initial announcement all of the other big and not so big cloud provider offer this kind of solution except NC.
I’m sorry but this is frustating as a user and I’m wondering how nextcloud can claim to be the most popular cloud file synching solution provider.
I guess that with the pivot to transform nextcloud into a hub where the users are supposed to work more using your webbrowser than their file browser the attention to add such essentials improvement to the desktop-client is lowered.
This development on that essential functionality is very saddening.
I’m moving back to owncloud.

from er-vin:

This is still under work. Unlikely to be tagged stable this year, aiming at Q1 or Q2 next year.

Thanks, i also saw that phrase in one of numerous github issues.
And that’s what I mean that the com is saddening about this dev.
No real statement for a year.
I mean, alone in this forum post where it has been officially announced, there are up to today 238 answers nearly 30k views and not one official reply or post since september last year.


I would also like to see some news about this topic.

Currently testing nextcloud, I m struggling with this client sync on my mac. It’s eating my local disc space when I would like to only select what I want to be downloaded and work on it and resync while still having the possibility to see all folders and files.

Isn’t it better to have it loaded as an external/server drive rather than a local drive?

Maybe I m losing the point or somehting.
But for me having a cloud that is eating space on all my workstation isn’t a cloud…

I would also like to see some news about this topic.

they working on it you see it also in this branch (6 days ago last activity):

But for me having a cloud that is eating space on all my workstation isn’t a cloud

this is a weird definition of cloud. but anyways until the feature is there just restructure the data and then don´t sync all of your folders. if this is not possible add it via webdav …


What you are talking about is already possible. You can mount your Nextcloud via WebDAV which will add your Nextcloud as a remote drive, so you can see and edit all files.

The difference from the discussed “Virtual Drive” is, that you will have to be online, because WebDAV is like a network file system which doesn’t cache anything. Virtual Drive should close this gap in the future, as it will list everything but keep files offline available if you edit them automatically.

So for your usecase i advise to mark often used files and folders to synchronize with the desktop client and parallel mount your Nextcloud via WebDAV, so you have the best of two worlds until the discussed feature will be ready (and it won’t get ready earlier if people have to spend time to answer the same question the 50th time :wink:)


would like to have it working this is the only reason that keep me still on owncloud