I guess i killed my cloud

Ultimately i tried to disable the https on my nextcloudpi because of obvious reasons many have state in that forum before.

I found a threat for that here from 2020 and followed its instructions.

After hitting the point from @didi44 on Feb. '21 where i run a2dissite *.conf in the /etc/apache2/site-available/ folder i think i killed it. Not only didn’t it work but i can’t get my cloud back on running. I surely tried the opposite a2ensite *.conf but it didn’t change. Also restarted both the Pi and the Apache multiple times.

I access my cloud over its local ip:
Trying i get a “URL not found”
Trying i do get to the login screen but after logging in it redirects me to and i again get a “URL not found”…

So yeah i could use some help fixing that mess :smiley:

You can test this. But maybe it does not help.
a2enmod ssl rewrite headers

Also you can read interesting parts here.

Also you can test:
apache2ctl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS

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Hey @devnull ,
thanks for the idea but it sadly didn’t work. Still get hit with a 404 Error.

Maybe that can provide more info:
When i run a2dissite *.conf, as i said, it gives me the following output:

Site 000-default already enabled
Site default-ssl already enabled
Site ncp-activation already enabled
ERROR: Site ncp not properly enabled: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ncp.conf is a real file, not touching it
Site nextcloud already enabled

You should first understand how apache handles sites and their conf files.

Each site you want to host needs to have a conf inside the sites-available directory. if you want to enable the 000-default.conf you type a2ensite 000-default.conf. if you want to disable the 000-default you type a2dissite 000-default.conf

At first disable all sites currently enabled.

a2dissite 000-default.conf
a2dissite default-ssl.conf
a2dissite ncp.conf (maybe shows an error because you have a real file inside site-enabled directory which shouldn’t be there!)

Then delete your ncp.conf inside the sites-enabled directory.
Then create a new ncp.conf inside sites-available directory.
Then type a2ensite ncp.conf
This will create the symlink inside sites-enabled

To sum it up:
All sites have a config inside sites-available
All site which are enabled by a2ensite XXX.conf will get a symlink inside sites-enabled pointing to the conf file inside sites-available.


Thanks very much for the input!

Do you mean i should reenable the ncp.conf or create a totally new file? If so, what code should that file contain?

That depends on how you want to set up your nextcloud instance. The code for your conf file is somwething you have to do because we don’t know your system. Here’s the manual on how to setup Nextcloud on Apache. You should at first try to get it up on port 80 as the manual describes. If that setup runs you can easily create an additional config for ssl and try to switch the already running installation on https. If that also works all you need to do ist redirecting everything on port 80 to port 443 (Apache redirect).
Installation on Linux — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation