I get the notification "Check for expected files"

I get the message “Check for expected files” when I update to 14.0.4.
Can anyone help me with what I can do?

Doesn’t anyone have a clue?

Currently I can’t find a file with the extension .rnd and I can’t update it.

duplicate of Trying to upgrade 14.03 to 14.04 - I get: The following extra files have been found * .rnd

The rnd file is automatically created in the root directory when the update is performed. As a result, deleting the file is useless.
What can I do so that I can carry out the update?

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Hey guys,

I´ve got an issue during die update from 14.0.4 version to 15.0.1.

Check for expected files

The following extra files have been found:

  • -.crt
  • cron.php.save

Last year I´ve migrated the nc. In the directore of owncloud are there two mentioned files.
I´ve read something to delet it, what ist your suggestion?

Please help.

Info to hardware/software: Raspberry PI3, debian stretch (desktop)

(prefer in German)

Edit: I´ve moved o.m. files and upgrade works!