How to use the new "shared mailboxes" feature?

Hi! I saw in a recent announcement that the Mail app now supports shared mailboxes! The relevant quote and screenshot:

We also introduce shared mailboxes so your enterprise or organization can be more efficient and better organize its teams and workflow.

However, I couldn’t find any way to activate these mailboxes. Is it something that can be done from within the app or do I have to do it from outside?

I’m currently selfhosting NextCloud 25.0.5, which seems to have been released at the time of the announcement. (I realised as I was typing this that v26 is out now, so I’ll upgrade to that in a bit).

Thanks in advance!

You would have to set up shared mailboxes on your mail server. The mail app is only a client.

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Ah okay, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that would be one of the first two options (“public mailboxes” and “mailbox sharing between users”) here in the case of Dovecot:

I’m new to Dovecot and email administration in general, but the above documentation talks about using IMAP ACLs. I just scrolled through some of the GitHub issues like this one I see the Mail app using the same mechanism too:

This is not a solution. Yes, the mail app is only a client, but it should enable users to configure ACLs on mailboxes, like the ACL-plugin with e.g. RoundCube. Iff the IMAP-server has the mailbox sharing capability.