How to use NC in a different language

I have users having different language requirements.

Is there a way to have the NC interface in the language of choice for the users?

I need French, English, maybe Vietnemese and Arabic.

Thanks for pointing out what I might need to accomplish this.


See und look for 9 .

If you miss any language, please join Transifex and you will see all languages, Also the ones which are not complete 50% and therefore not being deployed.

Thanks. There are LOTS of choices.

I was able to select my French language under locale. But, the interface language does not change. It seemed to have saved when I selected French, but the interface did not change language. I even logged out and back i again.

What might I need to make it switch languages?


OOps, I just saw the language option!

Works fine.

There is a list of languages below a line. What is the line for? Below this line are incomplete translations?


Yes. They are below a limit of completeness.