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Is there a good update script or howto for this? I have installed Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.1). However, apps such as Appointment are integrated or calendar synchronization with DavX5 and multiple devices. Everything has to work again. Simply unpacking a new tar file and synchronizing files into the new directory will not work because there are certainly dependencies. Can you please enlighten us about this?
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@MPenzi Does this refer to the beta or is this a general question? Of course, when upgrading a Nextcloud, e.g. from Nextcloud 27 to Nextcloud 28, you cannot simply unzip the files. The unpacking, which is part of updater.phar, can perhaps still be done manually. However, you will of course also need to make changes to databases, for example. And therefore is the script updater.phar. Alternatively, you can also use the web based updater from Nextcloud.

In the first post of this thread the command to execute updater.phar is missing. Here the command but i think all beta tester know the command to “upgrade as usual”:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

(change webserver/nextcloud-username and/or nextcloud path, execute from root)

This is a general question because it is not entirely unimportant.
I prefer the updates best on the console itself. Thank you for pointing out the script. But my core question was, how does this work with the installed apps such as appointments and synchronization. Do the core updates still work with the apps if they don’t update as quickly?

After performing the update on the main system, all your apps receive the latest version from the app store.

What can happen if you update to a very new version, that the app has not yet been released for your version and then the app is disabled. Once it is available for the new version, you can download and activate the app again.

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