Third beta of Nextcloud 28

The third beta of Nextcloud 28 is now available on our download server! :rocket:

As always, help with testing is very much welcome!
If you notice anything out of order, please report back on the appropriate github repository! :bowing_woman:

:warning: :rotating_light: :warning: Unfortunately we had to realize that a bug slipped into the updater of Beta 2 that will error on an upgrade to Beta 3 with memory exhaustion. Before doing an upgrade please replaces the updater.phar with that one from Beta 1. Or, if you want to use the web updater, replace the updater’s index.php.

cd /path/to/nextcloud/updater
rm updater.phar index.php
chmod +x udater.phar
chown www-data:www-data updater.phar
chown www-data:www-data index.php

Now you can upgrade as usual.

:warning: Known issue: notifications lost their title, they will have it back with Beta 4, expected for Thursday.




Followed the advice and applied the update on all of my test servers.
No error messages at all and the log file remains silent at level 2 so far but I haven’t given much to do yet :wink:
Great work! :+1:

Much luck,

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Still have carddav and caldav errors since the Beta 2. Did not change anything in the apache2 configs or anywhere else. Also Beta 3 gives me those warnings and the dav service is not available for the Dektop clients. Any hint to fix this?
Rewrite rules in the apache conf and .htaccess seem to be fine though.

All verywWell, but wenn can we expect a working Client for Windows 11? The current ist Just chrashing the win Explorer ans unabler to sync the files

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Sorry, this is about a new server version. If there is a client bug, there should be an issue on the bug tracker and you can follow the issue there.

Follow the guidelines and update went successfully. One of the apps I enjoy using isn’t working anymore called Splash, I’ll try and contact the developers to see if they can update it.

Got these scary messages appear

  • Some files have not passed the integrity check. Further information on how to resolve this issue can be found in the [documentation :arrow_upper_right:]([List of invalid files…] / [Rescan…]
    • 1411 errors in the logs since 8 November 2023