How to update NextCloudPi docker container?

Hi all,

I’m using the NextcloudPi docker container on Raspbian. Updating Nextcloud inside of the container is no issue, it works through the web UI, but I cannot find on how to properly update the container itself to get a new version of ncp.

Manual method would be to re-download and setup the docker container of the new version. If I understand docker correctly this should not lead to lost data, if the same start commad for the container is used (using the same volume as before). Is this correct?

Is there an automatic updating technique? I wouldn’t want to manually do it in an ideal production environment.

Edit: describes the update process as pulling the new container, removing the old one and starting the download one with identical parameters, as I have thought.
Are there any hints / warnings anyone wants to share about this process?

Thanks for your time!


The process of updating the container needs to be automated and made easier. That will come in the very near future, now that other higher priority tasks have been implemented.

For now, the manual way would be

  • update NC through web as you already did. Files and database will be up to date with NC13.0.1. Those live in the volume ncdata.
  • pull the container to the new version.
  • stop and remove the old container and run the new one, of course using the same volume ncdata (if you are using the compose file this will be done for you ). Because you are using the same persistent volume, everything should just work. I say should because it has not really been tested carefully by me (not in all the possible scenarios).

In any case, I strongly recommend that you backup your system, at the very least a dataless backup in case something goes wrong.

Let us know how it goes.

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Sorry for reviving old threads, but is this still the way to go for the recent update which includes Nextcloud 14 or are there changed recommendations?

I’m asking because there is a “Update” tab in the web UI (the one available via port 4443) that seems to update NCP (didn’t try it yet), but the nc-update-nextcloud seems to be disabled for the docker version. So actually I can’t do it the way you described, do I?

[ nc-update-nextcloud ]
This feature is still not available for docker containers

Unfortunately I have not adapted the ncp-web updater to docker. You can upgrade through the regular builtin Nextcloud updater, but you might run into issues

  • missing db indexes
  • integrity check failures

you can google/look around the forum to fix those, they are easy

Since I was in a testing phase and not much serious data was inserted, I probably choose to set it up with the new image. But what’s important to me: Is there an updating strategy for the new docker image containing NC14, or do you recommend other ways to install NCP? In terms of updating, I mean.

I should note the following things: The regular updater says that I’m up-to-date with (and I do not spell this wrong) NextCloudPi 13.0.6, but I get notified by NCP that I am not up-to-date with Version 0.60.8. In the port 4443 interface I also can not update to NC14, so I would not even be able to do that.

Unfortunately there is yet no version of the NCP updater adapted to docker. In order to update to the PHP7.2 version I would (backup first)

  • get the latest container
  • run it, and update from the NC web updater
  • fix the issues that will arise (integrity check fails, check this forum)

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Ok, thanks for that advice.