How to tag multiple files


I installed NextCloud 12.0.3 and i would like to tag my existing photos. I have hundreds of them spanning multiple folders with no filename/foldername based clues. Most were imported from cameras/phones into automated folders named by day/month/year, many based on import time.
I see that i can tag individual files in NC but this obviously will not work here.
I also saw mentioned the automated tagging app. I installed it but i do not see it’s options in admin->additional settings.

  1. Is there a planned feature for adding tags with multiple selected files?
  2. How can i debug the automated tag plugin?

Thank you.

Mehrere Dateien gleichzeitig mit Tags versehen
Would like to start working on Multi-File Tags

After creating the tags you have to set rules in the Workflow section (/settings/admin/workflow) of the Admin settings.

Unfortunately, that’s for new files only.

Not at the moment but feel free to ask to add this feature to the list.


you could be interested to the info here:


Hi all,

Just stumbled upon this post and wondering if there’s any progress on the topic… Abiltiy to tag one or multiple files at once AFTER they’ve been uploaded is mandatory to build strong file access policy!

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


I sure would like this feature too!