How to tag multiple files

I installed NextCloud 12.0.3 and i would like to tag my existing photos. I have hundreds of them spanning multiple folders with no filename/foldername based clues. Most were imported from cameras/phones into automated folders named by day/month/year, many based on import time.
I see that i can tag individual files in NC but this obviously will not work here.
I also saw mentioned the automated tagging app. I installed it but i do not see it’s options in admin->additional settings.

  1. Is there a planned feature for adding tags with multiple selected files?
  2. How can i debug the automated tag plugin?

Thank you.


After creating the tags you have to set rules in the Workflow section (/settings/admin/workflow) of the Admin settings.

Unfortunately, that’s for new files only.

Not at the moment but feel free to ask to add this feature to the list.

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you could be interested to the info here:

Hi all,

Just stumbled upon this post and wondering if there’s any progress on the topic… Abiltiy to tag one or multiple files at once AFTER they’ve been uploaded is mandatory to build strong file access policy!

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

I sure would like this feature too!

Any update here? How can I select multiple images and Bulk Tag them? I have a folder full of images that have one particular person in them all, for a funeral. How can I tag this person in all >200 images rather than clicketey click click through each one? Seems reasonable…

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They are reviewing it. There is hope :slight_smile:

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I am glad, because it is a real pain. I’ve come up with a couple queries to do it from the DB, but it is desperation more than anything. Some folder have over 50 images and I am tagging people in the pics. So, that is a lot of clicks to tag. Drove me to come up with some queries, but certainly not optimal.

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Also looking forward to this. If you have a project and are uploading multiple files, yes, you can tag the folder, but not being able to tag all the files at the same time can cause files to get lost in the shuffle and sort of defeats the purpose of tagging.

Are you aware of the Files automated tagging app?

I am aware, but how does this help tag multiple files on an adhoc basis? For example, I view a folder of 50 pics, and I want to tag 30 files with “Joe Shmoe” and then I want to tag 40 files with “Harry Carrey” and finally I want to tag all 50 with “Mighty Mouse”.

I was looking for the same functionality as well. The Automated app is not going to work for this use case.

So after three and a half years, is there already any progress on the situation?
Did this make it into NC 21 (I m still on 19 because the calendar looks hideous in version 20)?

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Tagging is a neglected feature, unfortunately. It could make NC so much more powerful. It is still as cumbersome to use as three or four years ago. Tagclouds are missing as well


I second the need of this feature.
How are we supposed to click on each picture and apply a tag?
The tag feature NC21 offers is poorly and unusable. If NC wants to be a good product, these kinds of basic feature have to be implemented.
It would be really appreciated to have the possibility to select multiple pictures and apply to them the same tag.

Hello, I had expected this feature because we need it. I would be appreciated too.

hello it’s working NC 22.2.3


But it would be nice if we could see a column with the assigned tags