How to Subscribe to a Calendar that only gives CalDav URL

Hi All,

I’m trying to drive the adoption of NextCloud in my organization enough so that we can actually deploy it as our official collaboration tool. But one big disadvantage that I haven’t been able to get around so far is the limitations of the built-in Calendar app and it only supporting subscription to iCal URLs.

Currently, our email and calendar service is provided by (fomerly and their web calendar application only provides CalDav URLs - which I have successfully used to pair Outlook (using CalDav Synchronizer). Now I’m trying to complete the other half of the pairing by subscribing the NextCloud Calendar to the Webmail Calendar hosted at, but the NC Calendar only supports iCal URLs.

Does anyone know of a way around this? Or does this seem like a feature request to the NC developers and hope they accept and implement it?

Nextcloud doesn’t support synchronizing calendar data with external sources because it has been designed to be your central database for it. As far as I understood there are currently not plans to implement such a function.

The only way how you can manage it for the transition phase is, to use an external tool.