How to subscrib to an outlook / office 365 calendar?


I am running nextcloud, with calendar app.
I have one personal calendar with my personal e-mail ( Works fine.
For my job, I have an other account ( hosted somewhere. For accessing it, I use Outlook (configured by IT, on a Micro$oft WIn10 laptop) or the web portal (office 365).

On the side Nextcloud privyte to Outlook/office “job”, sharing works. I can see from job’s Outlook/Offcie my “hep” calendar.

Now, I would like to the opposite.
Inside Nextcloud, I would like to see my job calendar from Outlook/Office. And I do not know how to do this.

Any ideas ?

In the web portal outlook settings, there should be a way to publish calendars. Get the provided ICS link and add the link as a subscription in Nextcloud calendar.

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hoooo it works.
Thanks a lot.

FYI, subscriptions inside Nextcloud are refreshed every week by default. If you need to change this, see

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Really thanks for this information, I was thinking that something is wrong, as it’s not updating.
I changed then the refresh rate to something faster … 15 minutes, and it works fine now.

sudo -u www-data php occ config:app:set dav calendarSubscriptionRefreshRate --value “PT15M”

(from cloud root directory)

Note: depending on the total number of calendar subscriptions to refresh for your instance, you might want to make this value a bit bigger so that cron.php doesn’t waste too much time refreshing subscriptions for nothing.

That’s correct. 15 minutes is maybe too fast, but for testing, it’s fine.

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