How to bypass certain privacy/security settings on Outlook meetings?

my Company blocks the information of the meetings I have.
So I see just that I am busy in my Nextcloud calendar.
Is there a way to bypass that?
For example, I create a calendar in Outlook in which I can see the meeting details in Nextcloud and that syncs with my company calendar?
Does somebody know a way to do something like that?

how secure would that feature be if you could easily bypass it?
I mean they have a reason to block the information.

What you could try doing… export your calender to some external place, make sure that have full rights and import it to nextcloud from there. (maybe you need to copy it beforehand, I dunno).

But to be honest… that’s not a NC-problem.

Thanks for the quick answer but if I export it und than import it will not refresh, does it?

tbh I never tried that. I just was brainstorming and came up with that idea.

To get around this securityfeature I think you need to try a bit for yourself…
I mean your company apparently does not want you to have that informations outside of their network. For which reason ever. So it could even happen that you would break your contract with them by breaking (or try to break) their rules. Be careful. It’s your responsibilty only.

And after all it still is no NC-problem.