[How To] Speed Test your Internet Connection Speeds for Selfhosting

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Speed tests are a useful way to know how good of an upload you have for self-hosting.


Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is aware of these tests and will likely prioritize traffic for the most popular tests. This could mean receiving overly generous speed estimates.

You’ll want to run (and compare) Speed Tests that are not just the first search result. We’ll be using Libre Speed Test as it is a decentralized, fully open source solution. Click here for the source code.

Click Below to Start Your Test.

Hopefully this proves helpful in deciding whether self hosting is right for you! Good luck.


What is the aim of this test? It is written LAN, but tested is WAN.

To test speed in LAN you need at least 2 devices and measure speed between them.

E.g. to run speed test form the command line, simply use one of following commands:

wget -O /dev/null http://download.thinkbroadband.com/1GB.zip
wget -O /dev/null http://speedcheck.lab.vodafone.de/1G
wget -O /dev/null http://speedtest.wdc01.softlayer.com/downloads/test500.zip
wget -O /dev/null http://speedtest.wdc01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip
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