How to set up PhoneTrack so Points are tracked in Browser? A hint would be very helpful

Hi all,

I am sorry to say but I have no idea how to make phoneTrack work.

It seems that the point is refreshed every 5 seconds like in the options but, there is no line.

I would like to have Nextcloud - PhoneTrack in Browser open, where Browser has Location permission and track my movements but it seems there is nothing created. No File and no Lines.

I am a bit confused of the Tracking Sessions, I have added all information.

For better understanding I added Screenshots of the settings.

I would really appreciate a hint what I am missing - it seems a very powerful app.

Thanks you.


it took me a while to get it running. and i don’t remember all the steps.
first of all… dev of app gives your very good hints that come with his app. follow them word by word.

it all begins with the logger app… i decided upon using “gpslogger” (android) as dev suggested. then i played around a bit with the settings within the app… and in the phontracker-app i added a new session… it kinda comes with a template that you need to copy to your mobile amd fill in the things you want and need.

i hope that helps for first contact between app and mobile

Hi @JimmyKater ,

Thanks for your response.

Is there no possibility to get it running using Browser alone?

Otherwise I have no idea how to track for example my Laptop allowing to Use Location in the Browser which would be very interesting.

Thanks you.

Well, you could use the HTTP Get URL or the public browser URL. But for the latter would have to get the Timestamp, Longitude and Latitude values from somewhere. The former should be more simple:

With a web browser, on the session public logging page, check "Log my position in this session" (works better on Android than on IOS...)


i really dont know how to handle this… maybe you could ask dev about in on gitlab ? and it would be wonderful if you could provide you his answers here as well (as a link to the issue would be enough)

Hi there, to log your position without using an Android/IOS app, you can get the “Public browser logging URL” in the list of “URLs for logging apps” of a session and get there with a web browser. Once you’re on that “logging” page, you can choose a device name and check “Log my position in this session”. It will ask your permission to use browser’s location and start logging to the session.

Logging means periodically send positions to PhoneTrack. You’ll be able to see those positions in the main PhoneTrack page (when you’re logged in) or in the “Public browser logging” page (without being logged in if the session is public).

When you encounter problems with PhoneTrack, you have better chances to find an answer from users/contributors/devs if you post an issue in the gitlab project.

I understand that the app is not very intuitive but did you read its README and its documentation ?

Hi @eneiluj ,

Thanks for looking into this matter again.
I got it working partly but before my holidays, I could not get it working completly
cause of this

and after holidays honestly there was good weather :sunny: and I did not look into it again.

I tried now to make a clear setup again but the sql Tables are still (with data) in place even after Removing the App.

Usually I dont touch databases but to make a clear setup again can I delete the oc_phonetrack_* tables cause I have lots of 2038 entries?

Thank you.

After to install Android PhoneTrack application, impossible to add a “phonetrack” job:
Even if added atoken session number, even if added a login phonetrack… at the end there is NO SAVE/RECORD/OK button to validate the entry, just going back remove all that you config inside the new phonetrack entry. I totally miss the logic to config a log track there (if there is a logic there).
Please fellow devs-team, could you share a link with a clear and understandable tutorial (maybe with a video) on how to use this, and please, please, please, can you improve the UI interface to be usable the easy way (i mean the way it should have a usable logic) ?
I think it should have to be improved the way everybody can use it without need to be the dev of the application.

Have you checked that no field is invalid (red background)? Default value of location timeout is not valid. This has been solved and will be included in next release.

Once all fields are valid, the save button will appear in the bottom right corner.

can you improve the UI interface to be usable the easy way

I know it’s not perfect but the good news is: anyone with ideas is welcome to suggest them and even to implement them because this is Free Software :slight_smile:

Typical “god mode” answer :frowning:

@Sanook I’m open to any constructive discussion if you have ideas to improve things.

I don’t know what you understood from my last comment. I was just mentioning some options anyone has after having complained about a Free Software project: making concrete suggestions or participating to the implementation.