How to remove recent list

Hi Support,

Please guide me how to remove the recent list. I already disabling the recommendation app, but I still can see the history list.





Hey STewart and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your very first contribution on here.

but - I’m afraid - there’s nothing like a “support” here. Only unpaid volounteers trying to help.
Such as I am one of them. And I don’t have this "Recent"list. So maybe you should put some thought into the idea of giving out some valid information… rather than deleting the underlaying template here… :wink:


Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your reply you.

What do you means you don’t have “recent” list? When you setup your nextcloud it’s didn’t show recent list on the side bar?


Darn - you got me. I am blond and blind. Of course there is a recent-list at my server as well.
Never noticed it since I really don’t need it.

I’m afraid, I dunno how to get rid off it.


I’m headache to find a solution to remove it, because i newbie on this nextcloud.

maybe it’s not that easy to get rid off it. if it would be possible at all?!

It seems to be a core feature. I guess you will have to use the Custom CSS App to hide it. :man_shrugging:

This might break of course with future updates and is more a emergency way instead of a real recommedation.

Hi stefan,

Do you have the command? I try this command on custom css app, but still won’t work.


Do you have any idea?

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Hi All,

Anyone here can help me?



This will hide the Recent entry from the left sidebar in the files app:

#app-navigation:not(.vue) > ul > li.nav-recent {
    display: none;

Disclaimer: This was tested with Nextcloud 18.0.6 and might break with future versions of Nextcloud.

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Hi stedan,

Great, thanks for your advise. It’s work.

You’re welcome. Please keep in mind that this solution might theoretically also affect third party apps which have a smiliar structure as the files app. I haven’t found one, but it’s possiblr that this hides Recent buttons from other apps, too.