How to minimize SD Card writes during transfers?

Second attempt at getting help with this on this site.

See first attempt here: Uploads write to SD Card before transferring to external…

I have successfully changed my data directory with Solution 1 seen here : How to change / move data directory

When I upload items, the behavior has changed. Now, my external drive fills up during the transfer, awesome!

However, I still see pretty large chunks of data continually being sent and then deleted from the SD Card.

How do I stop this behavior?

Things I’ve tried:

Sync folder directory is inside my external drive.
Changed data directory as mentioned above
Added a line to my config file:

‘datadirectory’ => ‘/mnt/my8TBeZ/nextcloud/data’,
’tempdirectory’ => ‘/mnt/my8TBeZ/nextcloud/data/tmp’,

after trying to solve this by posting on github.

Any other ideas? a 1 G transfer does several cycles of 100 MB + writes/deletes from the SD card


There is also the upload_tmp_dir option for php.ini to move this to external drive or tmpfs. Not sure about the Nextcloud config.php setting.