How to install Collabora on other host?

I just installed Collabora following, but I’m having a little trouble getting it to work:

  1. As my default webserver is aging and a little weak I installed the docker image on the server-to-be (which is already running parallel, but I’m not yet decided which groupware to use, so I’m not moving so far)) and created an Apache VirtualHost, but replaced all “” with the IP of the server-to-be in my LAN. Is this the way to go?
  2. I read HERE that I need to set the hostname of the Nextcloud installation when starting the docker image. Is this correct with my split setup, too?
  3. I entered a wrong URL in the domain field of the Collabora Online filed in admin pages. Now - when I try to set the correct URL it wouldn’t get saved and/or used. Tried Chromium, Vivaldi and Firefox on Kubuntu 16.04 so far, but to no avail.

Any hints anyone?

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OK, for the records:
After upgrading to 9.0.53 the save button works and now I can indeed access and use the setup described above.