How to hide config.php file in nextcloud


how to hide config.php folder in nextcloud? because normal user also can see it.

Can you provide some context?

Why would a normal user have access to file system of the server where the config folder and the config.php file is residing in the first place? And what does this have to do with group folders?

I guess I found the context here: How to Edit config.php in Docker Desktop

I’m not familiar with Docker Desktop, but if it’s running under your normal user account and the volumes or bindmounts live in your home directory, you probably can’t deny access to them. However you can certainly configure them to be somewhere in a subfolder of your home dirctory, or maybe in a hidden folder, where it is less likely that you accidentally change them.

Otherwise, I can only say that a personal work computer is not necessarily the ideal place to host a productive Nextcloud instance, and Docker Desktop is afaik primarly designed for developers to test their images with it, and not necessarily to run productive server applications. :wink:

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