How to Edit config.php in Docker Desktop


I have nextcloud running. Accidentally, ive delete a line in my config.php. after that i cannot access my nextcloud. In my Docker Desktop terminal, what is the command that i can u to add that line

‘installed’ => tr

i delete the true in line 17 : custom app

so i wanna to write back to:

‘installed’ => true,

this is simple error since the config.php was not hidden in the user folder.

my question is, how to edit it using docker desktop terminal?

please help to share the command line also.


hi @fardzly welcome to the forum :handshake:

I would recommend you edit the file in exactly the same way you did before.

With regular docker one would “persist”/mount files and folder which should survive container rebuild using named volumes or volume mounts. I have no experience with docker Desktop so I recommend you consult the docs of this product.

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