How to get songs in specific playlist of music app?

I have migrated from itunes to use nextcloud music app.

however with that some songs came which I want to get rid of , so I have created a playlist “delete” to which I add songs I want to get rid from disk.

So I was thinking to use an occ command to get songs in the delete playlist and delete them from disk but when I looked at music app command I do not find anything that can return me songs from the playlist.

  music:cleanup                          clean up orphaned DB entries (this happens also periodically on the background)
  music:podcast-add                      add a podcast channel from an RSS feed
  music:podcast-reset                    remove all podcast channels of one or more users
  music:podcast-update                   update podcast channels of one or more users from their sources
  music:reset-cache                      drop data cached by the music app for performance reasons
  music:reset-database                   drop metadata indexed by the music app (artists, albums, tracks, playlists)
  music:scan                             scan and index any unindexed audio files

alternatively I can dive into nextcloud database and I guess I can get list of songs. But for now I want to find convenient solution

Sorry, no such occ command exists as of today. But if you want to develop one, contributions are always welcome ;).

But with the currently available features, your best bet would be to export the playlist to a file from the web UI which will create a .m3u8 file containing the relative paths of the contained files. This should be rather easy to then parse with a script or by hand.