Which table of music app stores the location of music files on disk?

I checked in db, these are the tables of music app:

MariaDB [nextcloud]> show tables LIKE 'oc_music%';
| Tables_in_nextcloud (oc_music%) |
| oc_music_albums                 |
| oc_music_ampache_sessions       |
| oc_music_ampache_users          |
| oc_music_artists                |
| oc_music_bookmarks              |
| oc_music_cache                  |
| oc_music_genres                 |
| oc_music_playlists              |
| oc_music_podcast_channels       |
| oc_music_podcast_episodes       |
| oc_music_radio_stations         |
| oc_music_tracks                 |
12 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I have created a playlist called delete and want to get rid of the tracks by locating the path on disk . while listening to music from nextcloud I continuilly add songs to delete playlist which I do not like.

Take oc_music_tracks.file_id to select the right file from oc_filecache. However deleting the files directly on the disk is not recommended. You may use the proper apis to delete the file via Nextcloud.

fyi @paulijar

Yes, deleting files directly from the server file system is not recommended. But if you have set up the Nextcloud PC client to sync the cloud files, then you can delete the files on your PC and the client will take care of deleting the files from the server the right way.

For reference, there’s also another discussion about the same main topic: How to get songs in specific playlist of music app?

yes that too is my post as I coulnd’t wait and decided to jump and take a look at the db. I was originally looking for an api to delete the songs from disk and update the nextcloud db following it.

this does sound like a good idea, but I never planned to keep music on my pc , as I have server too at home, I play directly from the server. So no point of keeping on pc.

However I think, if files are deleted from server , I can run files:scan and followed by music:cleanup occ command to update the music app