How to get serverinfo metrics in Grafana

Hello here!

Today I have discovered my serverinfo page by searching about metrics for my plateform.
There is nice data inside but I don’t know how to collect this XML or JSON format.

I use Grafana and prometheus for the major part of my infrastructure.
Of course, I found it: GitHub - xperimental/nextcloud-exporter: Prometheus exporter for Nextcloud servers.
But I had some scraping errors and there is no whole datas available.

Anybody know how to collect serverinfo data to Grafana ?

You can access server statistics using the API link, which you find at the bottom of the Systems details:


Hi @j-ed thanks for answer.

I know this two link but I don’t want to check this link manually.

My aim is to setup a graph on grafana and configure alerting from alertmanager for example.

Hello eagleenergy!
Same probleme for me, Error during scrape.
Did you find a solution?

Someone have manual how to install nextcloud-exporter-0.3.0-amd64 step by step? I did no find information about this in internet O_0

Open the link to the app repository on GitHub and read the documentation in the file.

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