Nextcloud integration

Hello everybody,

We are students and for our final internship, we must realise in Nextcloud an integration plugin.
Projects should be integrat are Kibana/Grafana/Apache Zeppelin.
We don’t have any ressources to start this project.

Do you have any documentation for this mission?

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Yes, this integration exists in various forms. Just search for it online and search in this forum to find lots of information.

Hopefully these links at least get you started; I don’t use these so I’ll wish you well on your quest.

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Thank for your answer.
I have studied the links, but nothing says what is the path to follow to start correctly.
Do you know where I can find other ressources?

Thank you!

On you have a few apps that integrate other services (pico cms, rainloop webmail, …), check how they did it. Do these other project have an API or something you could use? externals sites might be a way but it’s just using the other site not really integrating with an app (e.g. if you need it for a workflow).