How to get help by the devs on pull request for filter based on file path?


I’ve created an issue on github, addressing my proposed changes for a filter based on file path, rather than just file name:
Workflow: filter based on file path #22976

Apparently, I’m not the only person who would be in need of such a thing:

What is the best way to get some attention by the devs in order to get some help on the implementation/PR?


You’ve already pinged them, so Wait until a developer comments your PR :wink:

So it is normal that there is no reaction whatsoever in nearly a months time? Or is there a team lead to be pinged?

@JimmyKater Can you please move this thread to the dev folder so that a developer get’s aware of it.


done. (two - three-four)

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Thank you, @j-ed and @JimmyKater!