How to Tag eveything under a folder

I want to tag evey file I have under the School folder, School, because I want to block access to files not labeled school during school hours, how would I do that?

Sadly this is currently not possible.
There is no filter for folders in NC19 and older versions.

It should be possible with the flow “external scripts”.
But this requires access to the operating system which runs your nextcloud server and probably coding / linux skills.

In summary, flow is currently only usable to a very limited extent.

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I have actually created code that would allow to do that. Unfortunately, I have yet to attract the attention by the NC dev team to get it merged. See How to get help by the devs on pull request for filter based on file path?

You can tag the parent folder, let’s say “school” gets the tag “school_parent”.
Now add a automated tagging rule “collaborative tag at file” is “school_parent” -> automative tag with “school”

Now all newly added files to that folder get the tag “school”