How to disable notifications on android (per account)?


How do I do I disable push notifications per account?

I use Android client, Talk, Deck and Notes, with multiple Nextclouds. Apps are latest versions, Nextclouds are 19.0.4 and 18.x.
For example, I receive notifications about birthdays, calendar alarms, and mentions in Deck. I would like to disable all of them (on android, not in the web interface) for a while but cannot find the setting. I know I can stop notifications in android settings, but it is per app, I would like to disable it per account.

Thank you!

This would be very useful. I now get all notification twice. Once from my calender app and a short time later from the nextcloud app.

You can disable the notifications in your notifcation settings on your phone.

In the new Android versions, you even have the option to allow or block only certain notifications from the app. For IOS - I dont know :frowning: Maybe thats also possible.

Unfortunately I dont know how to change that in nextcloud or either how to stop app-recommendation-push-notifications on the web interface

I have found a solution for web / mail notification: