How to disable Calendar EVENT notifications [SOLVED]

Nextcloud Calendar may use notifications to inform the user on upcoming calendar events. There are two types: Alert and E-Mail as described in the manual. This way, CalDAV clients such as mobile calendar apps and Thunderbird may use their native mechanism to alert the user.

Since my switch to Nextcloud Hub 7 (NC / Calendar 4.6.0 calendar event notifications additionally show as web push notifications via browser and Nextcloud mobile apps. This was unexpected and leads to unwanted double notifications for end users that did integrate CalDAV in their calendar apps. Additionally, these notifications need to be acknowledged in the web interface, it is not enough to discard them in the OS system UI.

Thus, I expect the web push notifications to be configurable either in Calendar itself (admin and user settings) or in Nextcloud admin and user notification preferences. I have not found (yet) the UI where I could disable them. Can anyone point me there? Is there a command line option accessible via occ?


What is the behaviour you were:

a.) Expecting
b.) Want

By Push notifications, do you mean web push notifications?

Yes, web (and NC mobile app) notifications. Sorry for not being precise. I amended my initial post.

Hi! I was researching the same “problem” (Before, if I remember correctly, there was an app for this, now it seems integrated in Nextcloud itsself)

Anyways, the solution should be described in this post: Disable notifications of calendar reminders

Go under groupware, and disable push notifications :sweat_smile: Hope it helps!

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Thanks for that hint. I don’t know why I overlooked that while even citing the correct manual deep-link. What baffles me: I noticed that those settings are there since NC17 at least. Yet, my users and myself only received these notifications after migrating to NC28 on two instances, without touching these settings!

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