How to delete an encrypted folder

Hello together
I’m using app Nextcloud Desktop-Client 3.11.0 for syncing my local files into the “magenta cloud”, hosted on nextcloud.

The encryption is enabled for a folder “Dokumente”, where I added also one additional folder. After renaming these additional folder, there was something corrupted during synchonization and the foldername is now “9900fa767b18417e92bec7f7bccc026d” (local and in nextcould).

The easiest way for me should be just delete this folder.
But I cannot delete it over the app or directly in the cloud over browser (because is encrypted …).

If I delete it localy on my Windows PC, I’ve got a sync error message.

Any hint how to delete such a folder?

  • solved -

Over magentacloud settings I was able to deactivate the encryption and remove all enrypted files and folder.