Deleting E2E-encrypted folder

I’m trying out the new end-to-end encryption with Nextcloud 20 and version 3.0 of the client. I ran into some issues, so I’m now trying to start from scratch. To do this I want to delete an previously end-to-end encrypted folder, but this doesn’t seem to be possible from the web interface nor the client. I’ve already deleted it from my local, synced machine but this didn’t do anything server-side.

How can I delete an E2E-encrypted folder?

Back your install up first. I also had a similar issue. Put your install into maintenance mode, and clear the oc_e2e_encryption_lock and oc_file_locks tables, then take your install out of maintenance mode. This allowed me to delete the files in the encrypted folder, then unencrypt the folder, and finally delete the folder.

How to unencrypt a folder using the windows client? There’s no such option…Only encrypt, but then no tools for unecrypt…

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does anybody have a solution how to delete an e2e encrypted folder from the nextcloud?
where is the unecrypt option?
pls help

Any news on this? I’ve deleted the files within the folder, thanks to @danonanon’s tip:

DELETE FROM oc_file_locks WHERE 1;
DELETE FROM oc_e2e_encryption_lock;

But I still can’t delete or unencrypt a child folder in the encrypted parent folder…

OK, I’ve tried the Android app: I can’t unencrypt the parent folder because it’s not empty. On the other hand I can’t unencrypt the child folders to delete them, still have no permissions to delete/change and they get automatically encrypted again because of the parent folder… Any solution for this behavior?

EDIT: Deactivated the E2EE plugin and was able to delete the parent folder.