How to Change Weather Status App Settings in NC20

How do I set Weather Status App settings?

Nextcloud 20 added the Dashboard, which contains a small app called Weather Status; however, it is displaying incorrect units and time.

I see no settings for this app, just the small current weather conditions info near the top of my dashboard.

I would like to change display to Fahrenheit and change time to local.

My profile already has the correct language and locale settings; how to I fix the Weather Status app?

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I would love to get some sort of locale agreement or (better yet) a toggle for the temperature unit!

The weather forecast being set 2-4 hours in the future is meant to be a feature. It tells you what the weather will be in a couple of hours so that you can make plans. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but I think it’s a cute touch.

Wondering this as well. Whether or not this is a cute touch, there should be a way to change it. Even a simple toggle for C/F would be appreciated.

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While I underatand centigrade, to many people dont and I too would love to see the ability to convert to fahrenheit. I would also like the ability to have it show current conditions.

The weather-status.js does have code to set temp to C or F based on locale but doesn’t appear to be working properly.

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I’d really like to see localization here as well as options for how the weather widget should behave. I’d like to see what the weather is now where upon a click of sorts, I can find out forecast information. It’s not helpful to have a forecast of unknown characteristics on a status page.

I was able to get it to display Fahrenheit by fiddling with the settings in settings>personal info>locale:

Change locale to something random like English (world) and then change it back to English (US). After doing this a couple times, refresh dashboard and it should show up as Fahrenheit. See the image below.



Pick one of the above locales to show the temperature in fahrenheit. If locales are missing please report it on GitHub.

The problem isn’t that locales are missing, it’s that locales in that list are being ignored unless the user’s locale is manually changed to one of them.

STRG + R does the trick for me after changing the locale (at least at Not sure where this aggressive caching comes from.

This indeed resulted in the temperature changing to Fahrenheit. Thanks!

However, the time listed is several hours ahead of local time (but not UTC time). Perhaps I don’t understand what the “…at 1:00 AM” means in the weather status app. It’s 9:30 PM locally.

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Actually, the time & weather are supposed to be a few hours ahead of local time to show the forecasted weather (I still don’t really understand why). There’s a relevant issue on github.

My local was correct also, but updating it changed my temp display correctly

I also was set to English (United States), had to change to English (World) and back to get it to correctly show Fahrenheit.

I was able to get Fahrenheit to show up in the widget, thanks to this thread.

But I feel the same way as others that seem puzzled by the decision to report the weather several hours in the future rather than present time, without any actual explanation or settings in the widget.

Since it’s apparently meant to be a forecast, that could be displayed in a less confusing way. Even just adding the word “forecast” to the text in the widget would probably help. A configurable option to show current weather or forecast would be a nice feature addition.

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What is the solution is you live in China and you use English (United States) locale ?

In this case I would like the weather in Celsius in China.

The stated reason was that it was to allow you the ability to plan, which did seem a bit charming when it was 2-3 hours ahead. But 6 hours ahead is a little much. I’d sort of prefer if it locked to something like 6am, 8am, 12pm, 5pm, and 8pm or so.

I agree with others that the ‘future’ weather is not that practical for me, but perhaps it’s helpful to some. For my home server, I just modified per another user’s post and made it show the current temperature. It was a simple ‘sed’ modification to the ‘weather-status.js’ script. But I suspect that will get overwritten on updates later.

What I would like to see is a way to round the temperatures. I seldom see anyone show temps to 1/10th of a degree. Is that common in other languages, or with Celsius users? The other weather option (the ‘weather’ addon) even shows 2 decimal places, i.e. “32.15 degrees” . . .

Thank you for your reply. I’m wondering if there is a way to do that for all users. All my users are in the US. Thank you.

This worked for me.