How to change the default number of app on the top menu

How to change the default number of apps in the top menu - before it collapsed into a “…” icon?
Default seems to be 9 apps before it starts adding them into a dropdown list.
Can I tweek something in the config.php or somewhere else to modify this behaviour?

Johann Savalle

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There are no settings in the admin GUI or something where you can change the number. There was a design decision to have a specific number of icons depending on the width of the window.

While this doesn’t help much, I can show you where the setting is made in the code, but I have to remind you, that it is usually better to leave the code untouched and rather open a feature request.

While we are stubborn and doing it anyway:
../nextcloud/core/js # less js.js

Search for “minAppsDesktop” and you will find:
var minAppsDesktop = 8;

Increasing that value will increase the number of icons in the app bar - on the desktop (doesn’t affect mobile).


Thanks for in the info.

Isn’t there a way to avoid modifying the core by writing a small plugin to overwrite the core’s behaviour? (or maybe through a theme… eventhough I went throught the theme documentation… couldn’t find anything that looks like that…)

(ps: sorry if the question sounds stupid - I am still trying to understand how all the parts are articulated together… )

@jsavalle You can install App Order in order to shift around order of apps + use hide option to remove icons from the top bar menu. Note that hiding apps will remove them from the bar and … drop down menu entirely.
As far as changing amount of apps shown before the … please look on the associated Github page here and create a request there. Imho, it would be nice to simply drag and drop icons into and out of the … menu from the browser. Edit: Hmm, looking into this a little further it might make sense to add this issue / feature request to Nextcloud Server.

fyi, Here is a somewhat related issue from a while back discussing option to customize whether icons + icon text names are shown and hidden in both the bar and … menu that remains unresolved.


done at

For those bumping into this - Nextcloud 20 has increased the nr of apps on the top :wink:

It still won’t be enough for ppl who install all 200+ apps in our app store :crazy_face: but it should be a step forward and solve it for most.

You could be interested in Custom menu

The big change for this in Nextcloud 20 is… it breaks AppOrder’s ability to change the default app by forcing you to choose Dashboard when visiting your nextcloud; we cannot actually stop Dashboard from being the default app without editing configuration files in order to use AppOrder instead. I’d love to see this become a selectable ui option again. Link follows.