How to add NextCloud Calendar to iphone


I am trying to find a find an alternative to Google Calendar and it is becoming almost impossible.
Anyway I am trying out NextCloud and its Calendar. However their does not seem to be just an app for the Calendar. How do I add the Calendar to my iphone?


Have you thought about reading the Nextcloud user guide.

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yes but I don’t speak German

I found the English one thanks mate

Sorry my fault, I’m continuously switching from English to German and back without realizing which language I’ve read.

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No problem, hmm so I try to follow the steps but I get the error “CalDav account verification failed” I am using does this look correct?

No, that’s definitely wrong. The usual link syntax looks like this:


iOS is a little bit special and usually requires the following syntax:


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I found them they are displayed in NextCloud under the Calendar! thanks

Spoke to soon even with the correct syntax won’t connect

I was missing a / at the end ! it’s working now cool

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Also I’d like to point out, I’m not sure what has caused this, but in my cause, for the “password” when putting all this info into your IOS device to sync and such, I had to put an app password, not my log in pass for NextCloud, which is the info all over the internet. Not sure if it’s because of an update recently, but I think it has to do with two-factor authentication. Which I have enabled.

Settings>Personal>Security>Devices & Sessions

Found it ironically by mistake from this post. NextCloud Forum

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For those discovering this thread from a web search, here is the link to the English version of the help:

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I am in the same situation on iphone with ios 14.5
I have the following error “CalDav account verification failed”

here is how I put the address of my server

In order to connect NextCloud calendar or contacts on iOS you need first to generate an app password as follows:
Settings → Personal → Security → “Create new app password” → Copy the credentials and use them within the iOS.
This needs to be appended to the Nextcloud official procedure here: Synchronizing with iOS — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation