How to activate a disabled Adminaccount?


I installed NextCloud with MySql Behind
For some reason my unique admin account is disabled. I think the reason was because of too many attempts.

I need to activate it because it’s the only admin account i have.

I tried to find it in the database but i couldn’t find where to enable it.


login to your server using SSH, switch to the Nextcloud document root and use the occ cmmand line tool to enable the user again, e.g. ./occ user:enable <username>.

Another option is to open phpMyAdmin and go to “oc_group_user”.

Find a user which a account that can login, copy that user and change the the name in “gid” in “admin”.

I’ve just had the same problem, changed a normal account into a admin account and after logging in I could activate the Admin by the account settings.

Good luck.