How many users we can hope to manage with nextcloudpi?


I’m search information on the performance of nextcloudpi on a Raspberry Pi 8GB with an SSD. How many users I can hope manage with a good user experience?

Maybe it’s not the right place to talk about it, maybe it’s information that we don’t want to broadcast … do not hesitate to tell me.

I found some information but it’s not specific to nextcloudpi and the Raspberry Pi:

I know it’s difficult to answer the question according to the needs of the users.
Normal use of nextcloud in my opinion:

  • apps: files, photos, contacts, calendar, tasks, spreed,
  • a synchronized phone by account
  • a synchronized computer by account
  • Automatic phone photo upload

If you have any information on performance, or a blog post, I’m interested :grin:

I think a Pi is not the best hardware for hosting nextcloud for a lot of parallel users.
Perhaps you can use alternative small hardware.

Nextcloud miniServer für zu Hause günstig selbst bauen! Nur 15 Watt Stromverbrauch - YouTube (sorry german)

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The old deployment recommendations could be an orientation. Back then, spreed wasn’t considered. Already on real servers, people try to optimize for good performance.

Apart from that, just file syncing and calendars, it really depends how intensive the cloud is used. If you have 5 users that upload 5 pictures a day, it’s probably no problem. If each has 1 TB of data synced, with several devices at the same time, and they change a considerable amount of this data, you can easily saturate the RPi.

There are a few posts here where people use raspberries and share how to optimize them. It could give you a rough idea.

Considering the price, you can always start and play around with the Raspberry Pi, and perhaps it is sufficient in the beginning. If you see limits, you can upgrade the hardware and move your Nextcloud setup.