Hardware recommendations for a Nextcloud server with 50 users


I want to set up a Nextcloud server in my company. About 50 users will have access to the Nextcloud and a storage of at least 10 TB for data is necessary.

I read the recommendations in the official websites for version 11 (Deployment Recommendations — Nextcloud 11 Server Administration Manual 11 alpha documentation) which states “One server with at least 2 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, local storage as needed”.

Unfortunately no information is given about optimal or best hardware requirements and if the new version 12 has extended requirements.

I read the system requirements for version 12 but it seems a bit short (System Requirements — Nextcloud 12 Server Administration Manual 12 documentation). If I just missed the correct page, please tell me!

Therefore I would like to know how much memory and CPUs would be necessary for a Nextcloud server with Version 12 that can handle 10 TB or more of data and synchronizes without much delay.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nextcloud server 12.0.5 --> 13.0.0 no problems so far
based A8-6500 8GO RAID6 8*6TO
4.9.0-5-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.65-3+deb9u2 (2018-01-04)
/ apache 2.4.25 --> 2.4.29 / php 7.0.27 / 10.1.26-MariaDB / mysqlnd 5.0.12
/ phpadmin 4.6.6deb4 / Redis server v=3.2.6 / HTTP2 /


My 50+ nextcloud user is based on an Asus motherboard F2A85-V PRO with a AMD A8-6500 and 8GO ram.
I have bougth 3 Seagate IronWolf 6 TB ST6000VN0041 and 3 Toshiba X300 6 To.
The system run on a Transcend SSD 32 Go TS32GSSD370S.

The bottleneck is my home FTTH link. Sometimes, it get a little jam.