How do I upload photos without modifying their timestamps?

I’d like to upload thousands of photos from the last 5 - 10 years, but I do not want the timestamps for creation modified by Nextcloud in any way. Any tips on how to accomplish this? Thanks!

Copy the files using scp or WinSCP directly on the console and then use ./occ --files:scan ... to import its information into the database.

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What about users on a provider who do not have such permissions. Is there any other way?

I would expect that all providers allow to upload files using scp, sftp etc. You should ask your provider how you should handle a huge amount of data. I cannot believe that you should upload all using WebDAV because this would be the slowest way to do the job.
ventually you can try to use one of the available external storage apps to fetch data from a different source.

I appreciate the suggestions, but those do not apply for me. Any other ideas greatly appreciated. Since all the Nextcloud desktop and mobile clients and webui are built on webdav, I’m not sure of what to do currently.

Actually, most providers do not allow file uploads from scp, sftp, etc. as Nextcloud does not include a built-in ftp server.

In my case I do not have root access. For production reasons, most providers do not want to grant SSH access or the ability to run occ commands on the machine either. You have a user account with Nextcloud or LDAP, which grants all permissions.

On external storage, there is also no guarantee it will be enabled as a third-party app. My provider only allows external storage via Webdav or Nextcloud (also Webdav)