How do I customize the calendar view

I’m deploying NextCloud in an office with about 20 employees. They would like to have all staff that have appointments with clients share their appointment calendar with the “Front Desk” account. I’ve set up the sharing so the information flows to the Front Desk as required, however the problem is that with the number of staff and appointments overwhelms the display.

Minimally, it would be good for the appointment card to show the “owner” on hover.

They currently use a big binder for appointments, with a sheet for the day with a column for each person and rows for time slots. Here’s a mockup in Excel:

How can I customize the Day view to have a column for each person? I poked around in the app code and there doesn’t seem to be anything in templates for related to the day view. I can code PHP, HTML, etc so I just need a bit of a tour of the guts if possible.


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Not sure if this is doable. I’d like also to tweak a little bit our own calendar view, and thus I’ve found out that Nextcloud agenda is based on so I guess this is where you might want to search.